Yamaha’s Clavinova made its first debut all the way back in 1983. It was a groundbreaking moment that shifted the horizons of technology and music. The piano, an instrument that is a symbol of classical music, elegance, and refinery, was made digital, offering the experience of a grand piano with all of the perks of the digital world. And today, Yamaha is proud to call their latest Clavinova the best ever.

Celebrate with Yamaha and save 1900 kr on your Clavinova

The Clavinova-series turn 40 and Yamaha want to celebrate with you! In the period from 03.11.2023 to 31.01.2024 you can save 1900 kr when you purchase a Clavinova:

  • CLP: CLP-785 & CLP-795

  • CSP: CSP-200 series

  • CVP: CVP-900 series

How to get the gift coupon:

  1. Create your Yamaha Music ID / Sign in to your account on Yamahas website here

  2. Check your inbox and follow the instructions in the email from Yamaha

  3. Obtain your unique 5-digit gift code and present it to us at the checkout on Digitalpiano.com

The special offer only applies to instruments bought in the period from 03.11.2023 to 31.01.2024!