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Roland RD-88 Stage Piano

1 239,00 € OVH 1 155,00 €
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On display?



placeMuslingevej 40,
8250 Egå


scheduleMa - pe: (UTC+1) 10:00-17:30
La: (UTC+1) 11:00-14:00



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placeBrofogedvej 10,
2400 Kööpenhamina NV


scheduleMa - pe: (UTC+1) 10:00-17:30
La: (UTC+1) 11:00-14:00


Lippulaivamyymälämme Tanskan Kööpenhaminassa sijaitsee Nørrebrossa. Nørrebron aseman läheisyyden takia myymäläämme pääsee helposti kaikkialta Kööpenhaminasta. Jos saavut autolla, meillä on hyviä uutisia: pysäköintipaikat myymälän edessä olevalla pihalla ovat ilmaisia!

Kööpenhaminan myymälä on täynnä mahtavia soittimia ja paljon muuta. Vaikka emme tällä hetkellä pysty myymälässämme pitämään esillä kaikkia verkkokaupassamme olevia soittimia, pyrimme kuitenkin tarjoamaan asiakkaillemme valikoiman erilaisia suosituimpia tuotteita.

Tervetuloa Kööpenhaminan myymäläämme! Toivotamme sinut mielellämme tervetulleeksi!

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placeTegeluddsvägen 100,
115 28 Tukholma,


scheduleTi - to: (UTC+1) 10:00-18:00
Pe: (UTC+1) 10:00-19:00
La: (UTC+1) 11:00-16:00



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placeUnioninkatu 13,
00130 Helsinki,


scheduleTi - pe: 13:00 että 17:00


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store Egå
store Kööpenhamina
store Tukholma
store Helsinki
Green house = on display in the store. Colors and combinations can vary.


RD pianos have been the choice of professional keyboardists for more than 30 years, appearing on stages around the world. Now you can have the acclaimed RD sound and playability in a lighter, more accessible, and more affordable instrument.
  • Lightweight and compact design for easy transport and setup
  • Ivory feel piano-touch keyboard (PHA-4) for world-class playability
  • New SuperNATURAL pianos and electric pianos based on acclaimed RD series

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5 tähteä Trustpilotissa!

Showroom Helsingissä

Olemme myyneet suomalaisille
asiakkaille vuodesta 2015


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World-class playability.

For over three decades, RD pianos have been trusted by professionals, night after night, on stages the world over. One key reason is how playable they are, and how connected you feel when you play one. You get sturdy controls and smooth, reliable keyboard action that feels natural—never stiff, never spongy.

Authentic sounds.

A great stage piano needs sounds that are authentic and have character. The RD-88 draws upon its rich heritage and features newly developed SuperNATURAL pianos and electric pianos that can go from sparkle to grit with a few knob twists. And for extra versatility, there's a curated selection of acoustic and electronic sounds from our historic legacy using the ZEN-Core Synthesis System found in our flagship synthesizers.

Refreshingly simple.

RD pianos are easy to connect with, thanks to their intuitive controls and friendly layout. The RD-88 is no different, giving you just what you need for confident and expressive performances. Vital controls are clearly marked and always in reach, so you can quickly find your favorite sounds, add effects, or shape the tonal balance to suit the venue.

Integrate soft synths.

Sometimes you need a very specific sound or the unique capabilities of a particular soft synth or sample library. The RD-88 has three zones that can be configured with internal sounds, or can integrate and control soft synths from Apple MainStage. This makes it simple to duplicate the sound of a track live or mix favorite soft synths with the RD-88's own palette of sounds.

Fits your life.

The RD-88's clean and compact design fits neatly into your lifestyle. Its lightweight and sturdy build makes it easy to take with you and quick to set up, even on small stages or in cramped rehearsal spaces. And the room-filling integrated speaker system is ultra-convenient and lets you play with less clutter and less fuss.

Kunto uusi
Valmistaja Roland
Series Roland RD-series
Type Piano Portable Keyboards
Bluetooth Ei
Kaiutin? Kaiuttimilla
Polyfonia Limitless
Kosketintyyppi PHA-4 Standard Keyboard Action
Mekaniikka (PHA-4 Standard Keyboard: with Escapement and Ivory Feel)
Äänilähde ZEN-Core SuperNATURAL Piano SuperNATURAL E.Piano
Efektit Zone Multi-effects: 3 systems, 90 types Zone EQ: 3 systems Zone Tone Color: 3 systems Scene Multi-effects (IFX): 90 types Sympathetic Resonance Chorus/Delay: 8 types Reverb: 6 types Master Compressor Master EQ Input Reverb Input EQ
Controllers Assignable Wheel x 2 Assignable Control knob x 8 Master Volume knob Damper Pedal Assignable Pedal x 2
Äänen ulostulo 6 W x 2
Muita toimintoja Favorite Rhythm Pattern Song Player MIDI Master Keyboard DAW Control
Connectivity PHONES jack: stereo 1/4-inch phone type OUTPUT jacks (L/MONO, R): 1/4-inch phone type MIC INPUT jack: 1/4-inch phone type LINE INPUT Jack: Stereo miniature phone type Pedal (DAMPER, FC1, FC2) jacks: TRS phone type MIDI OUT jack USB MEMORY port USB COMPUTE
Pedaali Pedal (DP-2, DP-10, EV-5, RPU-3) (sold separately)
Paino 13.5 kg
Laatikko 1:n koko 138x40x29 cm
Leveys 1.28 cm
Syvyys 258 cm
Korkeus 159 cm

In The Box

  • AC Adapter
  • Sustain Pedal
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Roland RD-88 Stage Piano
Roland RD-88 Stage Piano
1 239,00 € OVH 1 155,00 €
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