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Dexibell H10MG Polished White Digital Grand Piano Package

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Come visit our huge store at Engmarken 22, 8220 Brabrand and see the huge variety of premium digital pianos, home pianos, stage pianos and synths in our new inspiring surroundings!

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Our flagship store in Copenhagen is located near the Nørrebro train station in the Nordvest district. Because of the proximity to Nørrebro train station, the shop is easy to reach from all parts of the city. If you arrive by car, we have good news for you: The parking spaces in the yard in front of the shop are free!

The Copenhagen store is full of exciting instruments and much more. Although we are currently unable to display all the instruments that we sell in our online shop, we strive to provide a varied overview of our most popular products.

Welcome to our shop in Copenhagen! We look forward to welcoming you.

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placeTegeluddsvägen 100,
115 28 Stockholm,

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scheduleMon - Fri: 10.00 - 17.30, Sat: 11.00 - 14.00

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Due to Covid-19, you must book a time to visit the showroom. We welcome 1 customer group per booking. Customers are asked to use disinfectant gel when visiting. We disinfect the instruments after each visit, while also asking everyone to practice social distancing.

You are also welcome to contact us regarding any questions related to the pianos by mail or by phone 0700-916191

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Instruments in the Stockholm Showroom.

We have chosen to display the following instruments in our Stochkolm showroom. Our selection is based on which instruments are most popular among our customers.

Price about 9.000 – 16.000 kr
Pearl River F-12, Pearl River F-13, Yamaha YDP-164, Kawai KDP-120, Kawai ES520, Roland F-701

Price about 16.000 – 28.000 kr
Kawai CN-39, Kawai ES920, Roland HP-704, Yamaha CLP-735

Price about 28.000 – 48.000 kr
Kawai CA-59, Kawai CA-79, Kawai CA-99, Yamaha CLP-745, Yamaha CLP-775, Roland LX-708

Price about 30.000 – 50.000 kr
Roland Kiyola KF-10, Yamaha CSP-170

Digital Grands 50.000 – 118.000 kr
Roland GP-607, Roland GP-609, Kawai DG-30, Yamaha CLP-765GP

Hybrid Pianos 49.000 – 94.000 kr
Kawai NV-5S

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We have the following models on display in the showroom in Helsinki:


  • YDP-143
  • YDP-103



  • ES-110
  • KDP-120
  • CA-49
  • CA-58
  • CA-79
  • NV-10
  • K-300 ATX3
  • K-500 ATX3



  • HP-704
  • KF-10 Kiyola
  • GP-609


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The VIVO H10 MG is the state of the art home piano model from Dexibell.

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• Read our FAQ

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• Call us at 38 10 08 44 if you have questions

• Showroom in Copenhagen and Aarhus with free parking

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DEXIBELL H10MG Digital Grand Piano

The all-new VIVO H10MG is Dexibell’s VIVO Mini Grand Piano.

It shares the new digital piano technology platform available in the VIVO H10 and in the new VIVO SX8 sound module.

The VIVO H10 MG is the state of the art home piano model from Dexibell.

The VIVO H10 MG offers the world’s most advanced engineering and technology combined including:

  • Powerful last generation computer processor
  • Exclusive hybrid wood and ebony/ivory feel hammer-action keyboard with escapement
  • 2 Gb of onboard memory with ready to use some selected high-definition PLATINUM piano sounds from the wide Dexibell’s library
  • Unlimited polyphony
  • Microphone input with independent volume and vocal effects
  • Spruce soundboard from Italy’s famed Val di Fiemme region (known for producing the wood of Stradivarius violins)
  • Italian contemporary design



The VIVO H10 MG is offering a naturalness performance thanks to the exclusive Hybrid Wood Keyboard with gradual weighing, “ivory-ebony feel finish”, 3 contacts, escapements and calibration key by key.


The “staccato resonances”, “sympathetic resonances”, “hammer noise” and “88 resonances” of the strings when the Damper pedal is pressed are all aspects of the acoustic piano reproduced thanks to the innovative “True To Life (T2L)“ technology.


The powerful dynamic excursion from the real “pianissimo” to the “fortissimo” is achieved thanks to the 24 bits linear and 48KHz offering a definition 256 times greater compared to all other products working at 16 bits and 44.1 KHz.


With DEXIBELL’s unlimited polyphony it’s possible to play at 4 hands, with the Damper pedal pressed, using all the notes you need.


The VIVO H10 MG is offering on board 3 of the amazing PLATINUM sounds library; the Italian Grand Piano, the US Grand Piano and the Electric Piano 70’s together with other 122 high quality sounds.

With the simple use of a USB pen drive, it is easy to load new sounds or change them all never losing the factory ones. The free downloadable library sound (on can be loaded into the internal memory of 3.2 GB. The VIVO H10 MG is always up to date.


Thanks to 4 amplifiers driving 15 loudspeakers controlled by 4 DSP’s and the soundboard built in Italy in “Val Di Fiemme” the VIVO H10MG guarantee a perfect sound diffusion at 360° like with a real grand piano.


Keyboard TP-400 W (Hybrid Wood) 88 Keys-Weighted, hammer action, Triple contact, Ivory & Ebony feels, Escapement
Tecnology/CPU Quad Core Cortex @ 1.8 GHz 4GB memory
Tone Generator T2L: Sampling and Modelling Technology
Sampling XXL wave size, up to 15 seconds on lower piano notes
Sound Wave Format 24 bit linear - 48 KHz (Internal processing and DSP at 32 bit floating)
Digital Analog Convertion (DAC) 24 bit linear - 48 KHz, Dynamic Range, S/N:106dB
Maximum Polyphony Unlimited with 320 Oscillator
Sounds 125 including 3 PLATINUM sounds + User downloadable from (Sound Font SF2 Compatible) using "seamless changes" technology at sound recall
Memory Internal 80 User - Unlimited loadable from USB Memory
Wave Memory 3.2 GB fully changable by the user with Dexibell and Sound Font SF2 format
Keyboard Mode Layer, Split, 4 Hands, Layer + Split, 3 parts Layer
Touch Sensitivity 7 Types + Fixed
Reverb 24 Types
Effects 6 independent DSP Effects x 17 types ( 2 x Main, 2 x Coupled, 2 x Lower) using "seamless changes" technology at effect recall
Mic In Effects Reverb 14 types, 3-band EQ, Compressor, Low Cut Filter, Delay 6 types
Master Equalizer 3-band Digital Equalizer
Player .wav, .aiff, .mp3, in all format, frequency and bit rate
Recorder .wav (48 kHz, 32-bit floating) on USB Memory
Master Tuning 415,4 Hz to 466,1 Hz (adjustable increments of 0,1 Hz) + 2 Preset (440 Hz, 442 Hz)
Temperament 9 Types
User Temperament 3 User
Rhythm & Accompaniments X MURE APP for iPhone and iPad (FREE) with multitracks audio patterns
Metronome TAP TEMPO + 13 Standard Tempo Preset
Controls Volume, MIC effect, MIC level
Music Rest Reclinable
Connectors Output: jacks (L/MONO, R) 1/4 inch phone type with independent Int/Ext volume
Phones: 1 Jack 1/4 inch phone type, 1 mini jack
Pedals: Progressive Damper Action Pedal with sympathetic resonance simulation
Progressive Soft Pedal / Function assignable
Sostenuto Pedal with sympathetic resonance simulation / Function assignable
USB: to host (MIDI & digital audio IN/OUT) to device (memory & MIDI)
AUX IN: MIC IN 1 jack 1/4 inch phone type
Bluetooth Streaming Audio Input, MIDI BLE 4.2
Display Graphic LCD 128x64 dots Organic LED, high contrast type
Speakers 2 woofer x 8.9 cm (3,5 inches)
2 x 3 near-field speakers x 3,2 cm (1,3 inches)
4 full range x 12,7 cm (5 inches)
3 middle-high range (binaural system) x 6,35 cm (2.5 inches)
Real Italian wooden vibrating Soundboard
Rated power output Bi-amp: 112 W max @THD+N < 0.1%
DSP on AMPLIFIER Dynamic EQ - 3 Band Compressor
Auto Power-On After Shut-Down Selectable
Volume Level SPL 113.6 dB max
Power Consumption STAND BY: < 0,2 W
"ErP" LEVEL VI for Echo efficiency on stand-by consumption
Dimensions Width 1441 mm
Depth 866 mm
Height 785 mm
Lid Folding with soft closing and reclining blind
Weight 87.8 Kg
Package 1 Box
More Information
Stock Status Out Of Stock
Condition new
Yamaha CSP Premium delivery No
Show Alternative Productes No
Manufacturer Dexibell
Modelseries Dexibell VIVO
Bluetooth Yes
Type Piano Grand Piano
Polyphony 256
Type Action Fatar TP-100 Hammer Action
Mechanism TP-400 W (Hybrid Wood) 88 Keys - Weighted, Hammer action,Triple contact, Ivory & Ebony feels, Escapement
Sound Source T2L sampling and modeling technology
Internal Sounds 80
Amplifiers 112 W
Connectivity Output ( L / Mono, R), AUX IN, USB to Host, USB to Device, 2x headphones
Weight 88 kg
Width 144 cm
Depth 86 cm
Height 79 cm
Weight Box 2 0 kg
Pre-Order No

Assembly Package offers, together with our suppliers, an assembly package.

An assembly package contains:

  • Delivery at a specific time
  • The instrument will be assembled before delivery so that you do not have to assemble the instrument yourself, and subsequently, cardboard and other packaging will be removed for you.

This means that you do not need to consider anything yourself, but rather simply sit back and enjoy your new instrument. We assembly the instrument for you before the delivery and our carriers will place it where you wish.

You pay both for the montage and delivery, but also for carrying it up to a floor. This also applies if it is the ground level in a house. The price is automatically calculated at checkout and starts at 1.000,- DKK. It is important that you indicate if you want the instrument to be placed on the bottom floor of an ordinary house when you are in the checkout, otherwise an extra invoice might be sent out for this service afterwards.

Dexibell H10MG Polished White Digital Grand Piano Package
Dexibell H10MG Polished White Digital Grand Piano Package
DKK 49,990.00
In stock