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Privacy Policy is owned by: A/S
Engmarken 22
8220 Brabrand
CVR: DK41133198

The purpose of having a privacy policy is to ensure that you know how we gather, protect and use your personal information. Its purpose is to inform you that we handle, store, and protect your data appropriately and responsibly. We register your personal information via our webshop for the purpose of identification, customer service and company records. This personal information includes, but is not limited to, the customer’s first and last name, provided address, e-mail address or other contact information, whether it concerns the client’s private residence or workplace.


Which confidential information does register?

We need to use certain personal data in order to expedite orders through our webshop. A/S only gathers the personal information that is necessary to deliver a product to you.

When personal information is gathered through our webshop, it will only be done with your explicit consent. In this way, you will know exactly which of your information is gathered and why. 


How does gather personal information?

In addition to the information that you consent to provide through the ordering of products or services at our webshop, our site also uses cookies. Cookies are digital information packages, which our website stores on your computer. No personally identifiable information is stored in a cookie. We use cookies to optimize the function and accessibility of our website while you visit it. In order to use our website, it is required that you consent to the storage of cookies on your computer.

Our website also uses “tags”, which register your activity on our website. These tags serve to keep track of your activity for marketing purposes. We do not store or sell this data in accordance with the applicable legislation about the use of private information for marketing.  

We use tags from the following collaborators:

  • Google og Google Analytics
  • Facebook og Facebook Pixel
  • Zopim og Zendesk Chat
  • TrustPilot


Updating and transparency of information

As a customer at, you always have the right to decline the registration of your data or to know which of your information has been stored. You have these rights in accordance with the privacy law. Any relevant inquiries can be addressed to via e-mail: or via phone: +45 38 10 08 44


Information systems management and contact 

We partner with several other companies who store and handle our customer data. These companies handle this data exclusively on our behalf, and are not permitted to use your information for their own purposes. We only partner with data processors in the EU or other countries that can adequately protect your data. 

Our data processors are AWS Amazon and HostNordic.

The data controller at is the CEO, Morten Juhl-Sørensen.