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Warranty & Guarantee

Is your instrument broken or defective? Not sure what to do? On this page, you can read more about our warranty and the various manufacturers’ warranties.

1. Warranty

The warranty is a legally regulated liability of the seller within a legally regulated period, within which the customer may report product defects. The seller is always the first to be contacted. Therefore, please contact us at +45 38 10 08 44 or if you notice that your instrument has any defects.

1.1. Deadlines

If you are a private customer in Denmark, the warranty period is 24 months. If the defect occurs within 180 days of the purchase, will collect and repair the product at our own expense. However, if the error is reported after 180 days has passed, you are required to prove that the goods were defective when you received them.

1.2. Excluded products

Products are excluded from the warranty if the excessive wear or defect is due to the customer’s own use. Similarly, the warranty is exempted used instruments or cases where the defect has occurred due to improper use or storage by the customer.

1.3. Compensation will replace or compensate all damages if it is proven that the damage was caused by us.

2. The manufacturers’ guarantee

In most cases, the individual manufacturers of the products offer an extra warranty. Warranty periods vary widely from manufacturer to manufacturer, as do the rules. If you would like to know more about the various manufacturers’ guarantees, just click on the name of the instrument manufacturer below.

2.1. Roland

If you own a product from the HP, LX, HPi, DP, KF or GP series, you are entitled to a 10-year extended warranty if you register your instrument. Read more here:

2.2. Yamaha

If you own a product from the CLP, CVP, CSP or Avantgrand series, you are entitled to a 5-year extended warranty if you register your instrument. Read more here:

This page was last updated 2020-07-08.